What Can SGA Do For You?

WilliamsAs the Fall semester gets underway, students may notice some changes occurring within the USC Upstate community. On Wednesday,  August 28, The Carolinian had the opportunity to sit down with Upstate’s Student Body President, Gregory Williams, to discuss what we can expect this coming school year, and SGA’s role on campus. While the members of the SGA approach their respective roles very seriously and professionally,  Greg was adamant in expressing his personable attitude, and encourages students to come to him freely and openly with any concerns, questions, or comments that they might have concerning SGA or the University. He described the student governments roles as “the student voice of the campus… We act as a liaison between the faculty/staff and and the students.”

This is a very vital role in maintaining open communication across campus, and Greg hopes that by doing so, he and the SGA, and all campus clubs and organizations, can begin to establish more student unity. It is his primary goal as active President, to create more of a community feel throughout Upstate, where students are familiar with their student leaders and advisors, and feel comfortable voicing their concerns, or just saying hello. One change he intends to make this year, is to develop a student forum in which SGA sits down to answer questions directly from the student body. He believes this is pertinent to familiarizing the student body with their government, and creating an environment where Spartans can discuss school organizations and hopefully get more involved on campus. In the interview he stated

“There are always ways to stay involved. We are here to be able to answer questions immediately.” He believes that it is very important to keep the students at Upstate informed and updated on what is going on throughout our community.

Gregory was very enthusiastic about establishing these connections within the campus community. During his presidency he most looks forward to seeing collaborations between student clubs and organizations. He impressed, “ I am really big on collaborating with any organization that student government can be a part of.” He encourages anyone interested in working with SGA, to not hesitate to contact him. In addition to a student forum, Greg is also in the process of establishing regular campus meetings for those involved in clubs and organizations. By gathering everyone to discuss possibilities for collaboration, he hopes to see students establishing unity and friendship among one another.

This year is already off to a great start! The CAB has a great schedule of activities lined up for us this semester, and the Student Body Government is here with support and can be found at numerous activities being offered during the year. The Carolinian encourages you to get to know your campus leaders and student government, and to get involved on campus. To speak with President Gregory Williams or other SGA representatives, you can swing by their office in the Campus Life Center, room 210.