Digging Up the Past: A New Club on Campus Offers a Better Look on History

Katie Casteel
Staff Writer

Courtesy of lsa.umich.edu

Courtesy of lsa.umich.edu

After a seven-year hiatus, a History Club at USC Upstate will finally be back in action on campus. Professor Tammy Pike will be the advisor of the new and improved History Club, with senior, Blake Jordan, being the organization’s President.

Pike has been an adjunct professor at USC Upstate for the past five years, and recently became a full time instructor starting this semester. The first thing she wanted to do as a full time instructor was put together this organization inspired by history students.

Being an Upstate Alumni herself, as well as a former History Club President, Pike says that being a part of the History Club was one of the most important things during her colligate experience.

While being a History Club member during her time at USC Upstate, Pike says she most enjoyed working with her professors and realizing that they weren’t just people who teach. This is an experience, she hopes; the new History Club will also give to the new and upcoming members.

In the new History Club at USC Upstate, Pike and Jordan are planning on several fun and interesting activities for the members involved. The History Club will allow students to have a comfortable setting to discuss and debate topics they are most interested in. The club members will also have opportunities to watch films, have dinner with fellow students and their professors at their favorite restaurants, and even go on trips.

Pike and Jordan wish to invite all students to be part of this new History Club, whether they are history majors or not. Pike explains that art, music, philosophy, and several other topics are history in one way or another. The goal is to make students feel a part of a group.

“I think that there’s nothing better than being part of that kind of club, especially the History Club, because we accept all people,” Pike said.

Jordan says that as President, he also plans to bring in Alumni from USC Upstate, that were history majors, to talk to the members about what you can do with a history degree. A common misconception is that all history majors can do is teach, and Pike and Jordan explain that this is not the case.

“My biggest thing is to bring light to the history department,” Jordan explained, “you don’t have to learn history by just sitting in the classroom.”

The History Club recently had their first organizational meeting, but Pike and Jordan are planning on having several of these meetings to gain more members. Pike hopes, that with campus support, she will be able to take these students to Washington D.C. as a part of the club experience. Pike explained that visiting Washington D.C. was one of her favorite experiences while being in the club.

For more information on the History Club and how to be a part of the organization, contact Blake Jordan at jordantb@email.uscupstate.edu.