Study Abroad Programs Offer Cultural Experience for Students

By Katie Casteel
Staff Writer

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Traveling the world is something people dream of doing throughout their lives. Study abroad programs allow students to take advantage of traveling at an earlier point in their lives. USC Upstate works with several international universities in all parts of the world including Europe, Asia, and South America to make studying in these places easier for their home students.

Many Upstate students aren’t aware of the opportunities to travel abroad and what the international studies department does to make this possible. Upstate has partnered with many international colleges, allowing students who study in these schools to receive the same tuition they would if they were studying at USC Upstate. The university is also affiliated with schools in other countries that allow discounts on their tuitions for Upstate students.

USC Upstate offers scholarships for students who wish to travel overseas to study. There are countless options students can take to make this dream of travel become a reality, the first step is to take the initiative to ask. The international studies department is full of helpful faculty members that want to help students pursue studying abroad.

Study abroad advisor, Patrick McCleary, says that students who study abroad not only get different viewpoints on how classwork is done in other countries, but also a more broad view of the world.

“As Americans, we are pretty sheltered,” McCleary says, as he talked about his experiences going abroad and witnessing what it was like to be part of another culture.

McCleary also explains that the United States is an international community and studying abroad brings this to the light for students. He states that going overseas to study expands what individuals believe and allows them to think about ideas and actions in the American culture on a different and deeper level.

The international studies department plans to push study abroad programs into being a greater presence on the Upstate campus.

“Over the coming years we’re going to make a conscious effort to really promote studying abroad,” McCleary explains.

Starting as freshman, students will now introduced to the study abroad programs offered at Upstate in the upcoming years.

McCleary says that, “Upstate understands how important internationalizing the campus is, by sending students abroad and also by bringing international students to their campus.”

Studying abroad offers much more than just a classroom experience to students who are daring enough to take the journey.

>>Find out more about Study Abroad Opportunities on the School Website or Contact the Center for International Studies at (864)503-5661