Local Business Bounces Back

190598_10150148877660763_799544_nLast week, locally owned pastry business, Cupcake Creations, was ransacked by a homeless man, presumably in a drug induced rampage. According to shop manager, Erica Hartman, the perpetrator destroyed nearly all of their baking products, covered the floor in crisco, downloaded viruses to the store computer, and left the place in shambles. Erica discovered the incident, when she attempted to gain entry through the shop’s front door early Sunday morning, and found it to be barricaded. When she accessed the back door, what she found was incorrigible.

“I knew as soon as I opened the door something wasn’t right. The kitchen was a mess and I had this really bad feeling.” She described that a man wearing one of the stores aprons, rounded the corner and charged at her. Terrified, she ran out into her car, locked the door, and dialed 911 while the man tried to force his way into her car. He ran off before the cops arrive. Erica described the event as “Terrifying. I was running on pure adrenaline. It wasn’t until after the cops left that I really had a chance to asses the situation.”

Erica and the rest of the shop’s employees were left worrying about the fate of their beloved store. With the money in the register and safe gone, and nearly every bit of stock destroyed, they had no option but to close down business, and await a miracle. Cupcake Creations took to social media outlets like Facebook to reach out to their community, in hopes of raising donations. The outcome was outstanding. Erica gushed, “We received donations from not only our loyal customers, but from people as far away as California, who selflessly showed their support for local businesses. It was inspiring.”

On Monday, September, 16, thanks to the generous outpour of love and support, , Cupcake Creations announced they would be reopening their shop, with an entirely new decor, menu, and attitude. What began as a nightmare, and possible demise of this humble little cupcake shop, ultimately became a fresh start for the ladies behind the stores fabulous pastries and delicious lunches. Waitress Michelle Smith stated, “I am so thrilled that we were able to reopen and continue to spread our love through our cupcancakes and lunch. ” The cupcake team hopes to one day be featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Cupcake Creations is located at 1203 Boiling Springs Road. They offer lunch between 11 and 2 Monday through Friday, and run multiple offers on their Facebook page throughout the week. If you have a break in classes, or a mad sweet tooth, head down to Cupcake Creations and show your support for local businesses!