download (3)Aquarius, by nature you are a bit (let’s be real.. like SUPER) hard-headed. It’s not your fault, and you will find that this has hindered you in the past. But good news! This month, that defense is going to be your greatest attribute. A challenge is going to come your way, in the form of mid-terms. Unlike the non-Aquariuses (?) who will be facing quarter life crises and begging the stars for a miracle, your stubbornness and determination will help you get through this with limbs intact (unless some outside force unrelated to cosmology severs your leg or something.. seriously, wear your seat belts guys). However, you may have a tendency to over-prepare, so don’t ignore your body’s need for sleep and sustenance by pulling an all night-er every day in the library. Be like the Libra, and find a healthy balance. You will find great success in simplicity this month.