Mr._Krabs'_Love_of_MoneyThis is going to be a good month for you, Cancer! The stars have aligned in your favor, and you are going to find that this month goes by awfully smooth for you. You might get a little crabby, but don’t keep your head stuck in the sand. Brush off you shoulders and let your woes roll off your back. You are too fabulous to be anti-social, and a time is going to come when you need to let your personality shine. Be the life of the party, wave your flag, and roll with the best of ’em. October is a great month for everyone, so don’t stay at home on Tumblr in your yoga pants sipping Starbucks; grab your party shoes and hit the town! Your professional life will take care of itself, (with continued effort of course) , now is the time to catch up on your personal life. Ask out that hottie you’ve been facebook stalking, and go where the water washes you. It’s a good time to be alive!