multiple-personality-disorderGemini, you’re fighting an uphill battle this October. This is going to be a great month for you!

You are the sign of the Twins, child of the Zodiac, so you are prone to boredness and keen for change, as your multiple personalities struggle for dominance. You will have trouble keeping your cool this month, as your inner party animal rages for excitement, while your serious, professional side attempts to steady the reigns and pull you through your midterms. Your job this month,is to be like the Libra, and find the perfect balance.  Devote time to your studies, but don’t forget to let loose when you can. Take your party boy out for a walk in the  moonlight, and release all of that dangerous energy you have building up. Halloween is sure to be a party of epic proportions for you, so make sure you are ready for the action, and have all of your priorities settled ahead of time.