XcSBIrjLeo, you need to calm it down. You are doing well this semester, you blowing up, that’s good, fantastic, but you could learn a thing or two from our friend Mr. West. We know it’s in your nature Leo, and it really isn’t your fault (it kinda is though) but you need to keep your ego in check this month. You might push some people away this October if you don’t straighten up. Instead of boasting your recent accomplishments, channel your lion-esque pride into something productive. Commit to a charity project, enter a competition, or lead a cause! You have the wonderful, envied ability to lead instinctually and effortlessly, and it is time you recognized your potential. Let out your inner beast, but in a way that does not offend anyone. We want to hear you ROAR! But quietly. To yourself. From far away.