funny-gifs-ambiguosly-gay-aquamanHoly Neptune, Pisces, have we got a month for you! Your’e care free attitude may make you the life of the local swimming hole, but you are going to find it difficult to keep your head above water during these midterms if you don’t buckle down! Michael Phelps may be able to party like a rockstar, but he also has eight Olympic gold medals! You, on the other hand, have a participation certificate from science camp. Don’t be too cool you forget about what’s important, Pisces. Your disinterest in material possessions is commendable but seriously, a new pair of shoes couldn’t hurt. Those converse all stars can only take so much abuse. So get off the couch, change your clothes you smelly bum, and go hit the books! You will find that a little effort goes a long way, and by November you will be proud of your accomplishments and ready for a new season. This can be a good month for you, and a chance to prove to yourself what you are really capable of!