Centaurs_(Concept_Artwork_for_the_HP5_film_01)Sweet old soul Sagittarius! You are the brave and wise archer, armed and ready for battle. You can stow away your weapon this month, as you will find October to be a great period of peace for you. Your kindness and civility have you in great standing, and you will not need to stress too hard about your mid term exams, due to your natural intellect. You are one lucky bastard right now, Sagittarius. Use your down time to rescue abandon puppies, or frolic through the flowers, or whatever it is that you happy-go-lucky guys do. Remember of course, to keep an eye out for the Gemini, whose multiple personalities may clash with your levelheadedness. They may be trying to kill your vibe. Stand tall like the Leo and tell those crazy SOB’s to move on somewhere. (Dolores Umbridge was deff a Gemini.( No offense Gemini’s)) By the end of the month you will be presented with a hard decision. Trust your instinct, as it is usually right, and prepare yourself for battle, as November may prove treacherous.