Take a Stroll Through the Yard, The Boneyard

Lety Good
Assistant Editor

 It’s a place where your wildest nightmares come true. It’s a place where you cannot escape your fears. It’s “The Boneyard: Trail of Terror.” Tonight, as I sit in the car on the way to the trail, I picture what kind of monsters I will see, I begin to think maybe I should chicken out and go back home. However, as soon as I arrive, I collect myself and step out of the car. Immediately, sounds from horror movies fill the air and I can smell the fear of others roaming the night. As I approach the waiting line to go into the trail, I see the numerous victims of The Boneyard intensely running out from the torturous views, noises, and of course, the chainsaw in the hands of a chilling, evil clown. In the waiting line, my body is rushing with adrenaline from my fingertips all the way down to my toes. Slowly, as I creep closer to the entrance, my five senses intensify and quickly I can see, hear, taste, feel, and touch complete and utter fear. Once inside, there is no escape. I must find a way out of this terrifying, ominous, and complicated maze. As I rapidly try to make my way through the trail, I see the terrifying faces of Jason from the Halloween movies, Leatherface, and other familiar creepy faces flashing from all corners; Horror scenes covered in blood and gore leaving me with haunting thoughts for the rest of the night. Within minutes, I find myself in complete darkness and as I hurriedly walk through, I feel the ceiling come closer to the ground, almost making me get on my hands and knees and crawl through the mud in order to reach the end. Finally, when I think it’s almost over, it is not, it is only the beginning of a night full of terror… Others can agree with me. After facing some of his worst nightmares, one of The Boneyard’s victims explains, “The chain saws and the train horn get me every time,” and as he is eerily drawn back into returning again despite the skin-crawling terror, he adds, “it was a blast.”


Some good advice I will give to you is to grab onto the person in front of and behind you, don’t let them go! Although, if you’re brave enough to lead, let the trailing victims follow you into safety, if you make it… And one last thing, make sure you look behind you at all times, because you never know who’s following you out…