Fünny BullTaurus, I’m not going to bull-shit you (see what I did there) October is going to be a hard month for you. Your natural stubbornness is going to bring conflict in your personal life, which may spill over into your work or school life. Don’t let it. Despite your tendency to be aggressive and stubborn, there is a sensitivity in you that makes it difficult to make decisions clearly when facing change or difficulty. Midterms are going to test these weaknesses, and you must find an inner peace a midst the chaos. Consult your friend the Virgo, but try not to be too demanding; they are an ultimate sensy crunchy-granola type. Approach everything very cautiously this month, Taurus, and try to steer clear of any China shops. Your time will come soon, but for now, try to keep your head down. Don’t enter into any relationships too hastily, and do your best to maintain on good terms with those you are already committed to, and you should make it out of October with horns in tact.