Is $400 Million Worth Dropping Out?

Upstate students sound off on winning the lottery

Ira Pace, Jr
Editor in Chief

mnyA S.C. man won one of the largest Powerball jackpots. He won 399 million dollars, to be exact, and he has decided to remain anonymous. With six states that allow winners to remain anonymous, do USC Upstate students prefer the anonymity or would they broadcast their winnings.

The answer to that question depends on the student, and their personality. Hunter Ginn, Informatics major, boldly declared he would even, “drop out of school to start his own country.” No doubt those are big aspirations, but personally, Ginn feels winning such a massive amount of money is cause enough to openly celebrate. However, the most public celebration is certainly buying up enough land to start a small country. All joking aside, Ginn, like many college students, would “use the money to pay off debt and donate some to mission works.”

Other students prefer to live their life normally, but they will pad the walls of their home with cash and gold. With wallets brimming with freshly acquired money, students like Horry Morrison would remain anonymous.

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