Safety on Campus

No student ever wants to feel like they are unsafe on a college campus.  Campus is a place for learning, relaxing, and living. On September 8, two students were robbed at gun and knife point, their cell phones and wallets stolen. This is a scary situation, but there are ways to avoid something like this.  The Carolinian was able to sit down and talk with Chief Peterson, The Director of Public Safety, and ask him what advice he has to give to students to avoid unsafe situations. “Always be mindful of your surroundings and follow your gut instinct. If a student feels like something is wrong or if they feel uneasy about a situation, listen to that inner voice and separate yourself from the situation.”

Chief Peterson also advises students, “If you are out at night, travel in groups, and travel in a vehicle when possible and when practical.”  If a student notices anything suspicious going on, it is advised to call campus police.  It is also important, as students, to be the eyes and ears to help campus police keep all students safe and handle a situation before it has a chance to get out of hand.

As long as students are taking Chief Peterson’s advice, the USC Upstate campus will be a safe place for students to learn and live without having to worry about being unsafe.

Here’s some useful Safety Tips! (not really..)