“Gravity” Takes Viewers for a Ride

Lety Good
Assistant Editor

2013_gravity_movie-wideAlfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” took many Upstate viewers by surprise. As the trailer started playing in theatres before movies such as “Elysium” and “Insidious 2,” most audiences were not captivated by it. The preview was short, vague, and extremely loud. Within the minute the preview played, the teaser baffled moviegoers.

There wasn’t much talk about the movie around town either. Every time I asked someone if they had seen it, they would either not know what I was talking about or simply say “no.” I wanted to find out for myself.

After watching “Gravity” in an IMAX 3D theatre, I can say that I was stunned, to say the least. There was not even a minute throughout the movie that I wasn’t sweating or gripping my seat like the “jaws of life.”

Each scene evoked a multitude of different reactions from the audience. There were crazy parts, sad parts, exciting parts, and even scary parts that would come straight from a horror movie. My eyeballs were glued to the screen for 91 minutes, I did not expect this. It even got to the point where I was clenching my fist so hard and so long, I did not realize I was cutting off the blood circulation in my arm.

Halfway in, the movie got so intense in the IMAX theatre that I noticed some people had to get up and leave or take off their 3D glasses. The glasses almost made it seem like you were in outer space with Sandra Bullock and you were madly gasping for air along with her.

Coming out of the theatre after that extreme hour and 31 minutes was like going home after riding roller coasters and still feeling the drops.

I still felt like I was in outer space, and I think I was thankful to have something called gravity holding me down.

A viewer commented on the movie on his way out and said, “I was shocked that they made such a great movie out of some people lost up in space. It was something I would’ve rather watched at a theatre and not at home.”

If you’re into adrenaline rushes and roller coaster rides, this one’s the one for you.

I only recommend seeing it in an IMAX theatre. There you can experience such intense moments quite closely. Luckily, there is an IMAX theatre not too far away from campus at the Regal Simpsonville Stadium. Call me crazy, but that was $17 well spent.