USC Upstate Performs A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Katie Casteel
Staff Writer

The USC Upstate Shoestring Players put a 1940s twist on a classic Shakespeare comedy, as they performed their first play of the school year “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The actors performed each night starting Oct. 3 and ending Oct. 6 with a Sunday afternoon performance.

The light and playful performance kept the audience chuckling through the entire show. The stage was set in Athens and brought the mortal people of the Greek city together with the fairies and immortal creatures of the forest. The immortal characters caused mix-ups and mischief throughout the performance. This led to confusing and humorous conflicts between the people of Athens.

The show featured four lovers: Hermia, played by Andrea Azumendi; Lysander, played by Chris Smith; Helena, played by Stephanie Ibbotson; and Demetrius, played by Townsend Reynolds. The four were in conflict throughout the show, fighting over who loved whom, with a little magical influence here and there from the sneaky fairies.

The immortals of the forest also caused a little trouble for the everyday workers of Athens, who were taking a shot at becoming actors. The “mechanics” of Athens set out to put together a play to perform for the Duke of Athens on his wedding day. Although the performance for the Duke was a little chaotic, it was definitely entertaining.

The conflicts between the immortals and the people of Athens entertained the audience throughout the show.

The set was beautifully put together with scenes of a majestic forest. It was  key  in helping the audience feel the magic the mortals of Athens experienced in the forest.

The hard work and long nights the Shoestring Players endured surely paid off with several successful performances, which left the audience gasping for breath. Be sure to look out for the  Shoestring Players’ next  performance,  “Six Degrees of Separation” by John Gaure, which begins Nov. 14.


Cast & Crew

Andrea Azumendi – Hermia

Chris Smith – Lysander

Stephanie Ibbotson – Helena

Townsend Reynolds- Demetrius

Will Patterson –Theseus

Sarah Hurley – Hippolyta

Eric Makowski – Egeus

Robert Wendover-  Philostrate

Chandler Crawford – Nick Bottom

Ryan Barry – Peter Quince

Joseph Butler – Francis Flute

Chauncey Meeks – Tom Snout

Vincent Allsbrook – Snug

 Zoe Sneed Robin Starvling

Josh Wilson – Oberon

Hayden Bishop –  Titania

Juan Williamson – Puck

Dakota Capps – Fairy

 Esther-Irene Egan – Fairy

, Alexis Jeter – Peaseblossom

Garret Gibson – Cobweb

Alastair Mann – Mote

Channin Pettit – Mustardseed

Mitchell Lodmell – Changeling Boy

Herbert Johnson – Guest of Athens

Paul Miller – Guest of Athens

Megan Pridemore – Guest of Athens

Sydnie Stroble – Guest of Athens

Lee Neibert, assistant professor of theatre at USC Upstate and director