Could Tattoos Become More Accepted in the Workplace?

Katie Casteel
Staff Writer

tattooing2With the growing popularity of tattoos and tattoo shops, more college students are going under the needle than ever before to get ink on their skins. There is always the question that students  may consider whenever they get a permanent work of art on their bodies: “Will this affect my career in the future?”

People of all ages are becoming more accepting of them. In certain groups, it almost seems as though not having a tattoo is taboo. While many adults believe tattoos should remain covered in the work place, there may be a shift in this belief. When our generation takes its place among the workers, tattoos could gain acceptance.

 “I think attitudes are changing for tattoos in the workplace for the better,” said USC Upstate student Stephen Hollifield.

Students view their “ink” as free speech, but some “tats” may never find acceptance. Tattoos that are offensive to the public or are placed on certain areas of the body may still be a problem. Several students feel that neck or face tattoos will be an issue even as views on tattoos grow to be more lenient. Tattoos on these areas draw so much attention, and as a result, they are considered distracting.

“I feel as long as there is no offensiveness to them and the person can complete their job requirements set forth for their position it shouldn’t be a relevant issue,” Hollifield explained.

Whether tattoos will become accepted in the workplace or not is still questionable. As this generation fills the ranks of the job force, “inked” professionals could become commonplace.

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