Don’t let potential scammers ‘hire’ you

Ira Pace, Jr
Editor in Chief


Job-Scam-PictureWith December graduation around the corner, job applications are starting to come to the forefront of job seekers’ minds. However, determining which jobs are legitimate versus which are scams is increasingly difficult.

While the USC Upstate Career Center offers many programs to help seniors get their information and application out to prospective employers, the Career Center is a gem hidden by trees and the Palmetto and Magnolia House residence halls. Most students underutilize it.  Sherry McAdams, career center director, encourages students to use this free program quite often.

Sherry McAdams offers these tips to avoid job scams.  With the ever-increasing use of technology and the anonymity behind the veil of job listings on the Internet, job scams are more prevalent. Therefore, if you see positions that offer an exponential amount of money for an inexperienced graduate, the job could be a scam. Require students to pay a large sum up front to obtain a ‘kit’ or to ‘process applications,’ these jobs could be scams.

Students should always research the jobs they have an interest in applying. Additionally, the Career Center is happy to help when students are wary of job announcements. Students just need to call or stop by with their information.  This is one of the many services the Career Center offers.

Students, especially seniors, should activate their Spartan Career Link account. Spartan Career Link is a web recruiting system purchased by the University whereby employers can post their open positions for students and alumni to view and apply. To activate your account, simply contact the Career Center to request your account information and link to the website. Systems are in place to screen for legitimate employers; however, students are advised to be aware that if a job sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Across campus, fliers are posted for jobs and emails are sent out through Student Services. Like the postings on Spartan Career Link, these are approved through either by the Career Center or Student Services. If either does not stamp these postings, it is appropriate to approach these cautiously or avoid them altogether. For more information visit the Career Center in the Rampey Building room 114 or call 864-5035392.