“Flipping the classroom”: A new trend sweeping the world of education

download (1)A new trend in education, referred to as “flipping the classroom” is slowly grabbing the attention of learning institutes and teachers alike, redefining the future of education. The genius is in its simplicity; flipping the work done in the classroom, with the work traditionally done at home. The idea is for students to study the lessons and objectives at home, then bring their knowledge to the classroom, where educators will help them perfect the techniques and information they have absorbed, answer questions, and provide practice work. In-class work centers on peer to peer collaboration, open discussion, and general practice, which expert suggest will build interpersonal skills. “Flipping the classroom” is an easy and promising concept to embrace in any learning environment, and if you are an education major, or considering a career in teaching, this new technique may be instrumental  in defining your professional future.

The objective of classroom flipping, is for students to easily access course information and lessons at home. Educators are expected to develop a plan that works fluidly in an online environment. Instructional video lectures, online tutorials, audio recordings, and slideshows are great techniques that are being utilized to make a lesson that is informative and interesting, so that students are engaged in each lesson.

The key to “flipping the classroom” is to use the time spent in the classroom more effectively. Students will, expectedly, be familiar with the topic, so class time is to be devoted to promoting open discussion, helping students to develop critical thinking skills, and building team-working capabilities. A vital part of this new technique is to provide projects for students to collaborate on and share their knowledge and viewpoints. Offering practice work and samples allows students to refine their knowledge, and engage them with questions and opportunities for critical analysis and deep thinking, to ensure that they are comfortable with the information, and confident in their understanding of the course work.

“Flipping the Classroom” may very well be the future of education, so it is important for all aspiring teachers to familiarize themselves with these new techniques, to ensure that they will be ready to adapt to the changing system. Regardless of whether or not this new trend becomes a staple in the American classroom, it is obvious that the way we think about education is changing. For those of you considering this career path, remember to not only keep up with your studies, but to stay on top of the new teaching techniques being embraced, to help shape the way you approach your future classroom.