Relationships and the social media revolution

Brittany Cooper
Staff Writer

 Is sharing your passwords with your significant other the new trend?

downloadAccording to experts everywhere, the key to any healthy relationship is trust. The ability to openly share your thoughts, ambitions, and mutual concerns are vital in developing and maintaining an honest connection in any type of relationship, but what is the limit to what you are willing to share with that special someone? In this modern age of technology and social media, many couples are taking a daring move, and sharing their private passwords. Is this trend just another level of openness and honesty? Or is it a step too far, one that suggests lack of trust? Couples on both sides of the debate are sounding off on this intriguing social trend.

Upstate Nursing major Rachel Edwards has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Bill Evans for nearly two years, whom she met at a Clemson football game. When asked whether or not she would share her password with Bill she said, “Sure. I have nothing to hide.My sites aren’t privatized though, so I don’t think it would make a difference.” For Rachel, password sharing is an issue that has never been a concern in her relationship. However, there are hundreds of couples out there who debate whether or not that is information that should stay private.

While it may not seem like a big deal for Bill and Rachel, others acknowledge the underlying threat that password sharing may pose. In 2010, a local high school teacher was fired after scandalous pictures of her were posted on her Facebook page, by none other than her ex-boyfriend. The teacher, whose name we will conceal for privacy, was devastated, and had to contact Facebook authorities to have her site removed, after the unruly ex had changed her passwords. About this potential threat, Rachel stated, “That is really traumatic, and I have heard of that happening a few times, but I don’t think I would have to worry about that.”

Rachel may not be worried, but another student, Psychology major, Sarah Petty, is. “Heck no! If there isn’t enough trust in a relationship that you feel you have to share your passwords,  then it isn’t going to work anyway.” she told us. Sarah believes that this is major violation of privacy, and an indicator that there are serious trust issues in the relationships. Many other students we spoke to shared these sentiments.

While the debate raises many questions, it is certain that this is an issue that can not be answered indefinitely. Many, like Rachel find that sharing is indeed caring, and there is no harm in giving up your password to your significant other. Others, however, acknowledge the risks, and feel that not sharing your password does not indicate trust problems, but rather a mutual agreement that some things are to remain private. Regardless of your feelings on the subject, remember to protect yourself. Never let anyone pressure or bully you into sharing information that you are not comfortable with, and make sure you know and trust who has access to your personal accounts, and yes, even scandalous photos.