An Army of Spartans

Joshua Jenkins
Staff Writer

Students attending USC Upstate sporting events seem to observe library etiquette rather than the expected etiquette of an athletic competition. Possibly, this is due to the social segregation that seems to be prevalent at USC Upstate. However, this should not be a problem. We aren’t the only school with different social groups on campus.

When watching other school’s sports on television or attending one in person, you will notice the passion and pride other students have for their schools. Whether it is Duke vs. Syracuse on primetime television, or Belmont Abbey College vs. North Greenville University, it is obvious those students care about their schools and classmates.

It is time for that sense of community and pride to be fostered here at USC Upstate. If our student body came together and supported our comrades and classmates, we would become a more tightknit community. Sports bring people together and this would be an excellent way to do it. Our student athletes work hard in their respective sports and they enjoy putting on a show for their fellow Spartans.  “You play your sport because it is fun, but at the same time you want to show what you have…you want to show off your skills,” said Marvin Schmiege, a sophomore soccer player.  Not only would our sense of school pride and community receive a boost, but so would the student athletes’ performance on the field, court, trail, or track. When asked if student support affected her performance, Shannon Weiss, a sophomore volleyball player, said, “Student support helps our performance tremendously. Momentum is a huge part of volleyball and having a crowd keeps our energy up. Having a supportive student section can also cause the other team to make mistakes by getting into their heads.”

As a soccer player, I know, firsthand, the impact a student section can have on a team. In high school our soccer team had the best student section in South Carolina, arguably, and I owe a part of our success to the support of our student body. Therefore, at sporting events in the future, let us break social barriers, come together, and establish a Spartan Army-the most rambunctious student section-in the Atlantic Sun Conference. It is time to generate some Spartan Pride. Let’s go Spartans!