The Honors Program: USC Upstate’s Hidden Gem

Esther-Irene Egan
Staff Writer

The Honors Program at USC Upstate welcomes bright students who want to make the most out of their academic experience while being among a community of likeminded individuals. The program is not too well known around campus. However, many see the program as “students who are going above and beyond in their college experience, and courses to have Honors put on their diplomas,” says Megan Wendover, a freshman at USC Upstate. Yet, the Honors Program is more than just taking on extra work—it promotes fun within a community that is there for one another.

Megan Wong, a senior Honors student at Upstate and Vice President of the Honors Club, explains how the Honors Program provides students with the opportunity to customize their own general education curriculum. For example, instead of taking a traditional science class such as biology or chemistry, an honors student can receive credit for a science class by taking the honors science class on beer making.Her experience in the program has impacted her life by teaching her how to challenge herself academically and by forming strong friendships. Also, she has been able to bond better with others in the program by participating in Honors Program sponsored events and trips and hanging out in the honors apartment on campus.

The fondest memory she has of the program is the Honors Program sponsored trip to Washington D.C. during fall break. That was her first time in D.C. and “because of the Honors Program, it’s possible that she wouldn’t have gotten a chance to go to Washington D.C. within her life time.” The trip allowed Megan to experience a historical part of the United States while enjoying museums and historical monuments with fellow honor peers. Megan has been known to have study sessions in the apartment which offers a quiet place to work, relax, and have fun movie nights.

Current USC Upstate students can join the Honors Program if they have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher and a minimum of 30 credit hours from USC Upstate. Don’t miss out on learning more about this hidden gem Upstate has to offer. Drop by the open house during the first week of March in the honors apartment to see what the Honors Program is all about.