Do I really have to park that far away?

Matthew Johnson
Staff Writer

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No matter how early you get to school for classes after 8 a.m., there seems to be no parking at all. You spend 10 minutes or more playing musical parking spaces or waiting for someone to leave in hopes you can park your car and get to class on time. Sometimes, you sit in the lot and none of those cars move for hours.

Originally, Upstate was a commuter school with about 70 percent of it being parking lots. You would think that a growing university would make more parking available than planting growing, small trees around campus. Although there are numerous parking spaces for students and faculty, there is still not enough room for all. Sure, a student can park way down the lot and walk to class. However, parking still remains an issue. Students will drive by and see many faculty parking spaces open, assuming that the faculty has it easier. In all honesty, they do, considering their spaces are not only right next to the buildings, but compared to the ratio of students versus faculty there is a good number of them. On average, one professor teaches three classes a day. Some are consecutively, and others are not. Teachers are also required to hold office hours. That makes one less parking space for the entire day. Commuter students may also have three classes or more per day. It would make sense that a student stay on campus their entire day and not leave their parking spot. That causes fewer parking spaces per day as well.

A breakdown of some of the most vital student parking spots is listed below. According to the campus-parking map here are the numbers of spaces shown

Lot 1, which is primarily a student parking lot located on the backside of the library encompasses 132 student parking spots.

Lot 4, which is the library parking lot that is intermixed with faculty and students, contains 83 student and 46 faculty spaces. That means there are only two students spots per faculty in that lot.

Lot 5, which is further down the library, contains 78 student spots and 48 faculty spots.  Lot 6, which will be the last of the faculty/student parking lot mixes, contains 90 student parking spots as well as 53 faculty spots. In this area the faculty spots are about 10 meters from the door.

Based on these numbers there is way more student parking than faculty, but based on those numbers it shows only two students per faculty member. A classroom usually encompasses at least 12 students per class. The ratio between faculty and students does not correlate well with the number of parking spaces. What are we as a student body and faculty to do in order to fix this situation?  The amount of money collected from parking tickets and fines has to go somewhere. Hopefully this cry of hope will soon lead the university to revamp its parking problems and come up with a simple and effective solution for both Upstate faculty, staff and students.