What Do YOU Want to See in The Carolinian?

Chrissy Lowe
Staff Writer

Courtesy of Sunlightfoundation.com

As a way to start off our first issue of the semester, The Carolinian staff decided to go out and ask students what they wanted to see in our campus newspaper; something that would really stand out and entice them to pick up every issue. We polled 100 students, asking them to choose which idea most appealed to them. The options were an advice column, embarrassing moments, a suggestion box and other.

From the start of the poll to the very end, the “embarrassing moments” option took a major lead. Following close behind was the advice column, which at first seemed like a good idea, but after talking with many students, opinions slowly started changing. They listed some great ideas, such as professor study tips and professor advice. One person even suggested highlighting an athlete in each issue and letting them share their personal success stories. Sophomore, Thomas Simmons, was one of the students who picked the option “other.” He would like to see a buy/sell/trade ad in The Carolinian because “things like the newspaper classifieds cost money and craigslist aren’t Spartanburg specific.” He believes it will help give Upstate students an easier way to obtain cheaper items, ranging from small electronics to cars, without having to go far away from campus. There was another student who chose the “other” option, but made a plea for something very similar to the suggestion box. Candice Owens, who is in her first year here, said she would like to see a section in the paper dedicated to letting students make comments about various locations on campus such as the cafeteria or library.

Although there were a handful of students to pick the “other” option, it was surprisingly the least chosen item.  The third most popular option was the suggestion box, which was the option, junior, Nicole Howard picked. She thought that the suggestion box would make a great choice because “we can make suggestions for everything else we would like to see in the newspaper.”

We asked and you responded. Stay tuned to hear more updates on the embarrassing moments space soon to come!