Where did you sleep?

Why can’t opposite sex couples sleep together in the dorms

Matthew Johnson
Staff Writer


Here at USC Upstate there are three different living facilities. There is the Palmetto house, which is comprised of freshman, in which the first two stories are females only, and the top two are males. Second, there is the Magnolia house. The Magnolia houses students from freshman to senior.

Although it varies by year, at least one of the halls, is inhabited by males while all the rest are females (the 3rd and fourth floor are all females). Lastly, there are the Villas, which are co-ed,  apartment-style residencies. The difference between the dorms and the villas are 1, You don’t need an ID to get in and 2, You can have a partner or someone from the opposite sex sleep over without having to sign in.

In both the Magnolia and Palmetto house, if you are to have someone of the opposite sex stay in your room, you have to register them under your name and they can only stay for a certain period of time. Even if your friend is a male/female that lives on campus you have to register them in order for them to come to your room.

In the fall at the Palmetto house, students were only allowed to register same-sex visitors to their rooms overnight while this spring they can register opposite-sex members. If both genders live in the same buildings and in some cases on the same floors, why must there be so much precaution? The villas can have anyone spend the night regardless. “It’s a safety issue”, says Junior RA Hilary Wells.

She explained not only issues with safety, but age differences between those who live in the dorms versus the villas. In the villas (permitted you are legal) you are able to have alcohol. In the dorms, there are usually many under-aged students, so the risk for under-age drinking rises.

For campus living and assured safety it is important that the University provides a safe and comfortable living situation that accommodates all of their students and pleases their parents as well. Students usually believe themselves to be grown and adult however grown and adult choices aren’t made all the time. There is a 24 hour desk staff that monitors who comes in and out of the dorms so unless you are Peter Parker and Mary Jane, you will have to register to have your boyfriend/girlfriend spend the night with you.