Did Someone say free trip?

Chrissy Lowe
Staff Writer

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Yes, that’s right you read the title correctly; USC Upstate is offering three lucky students a chance to go explore Montréal, Québec, Canada for free in May for three days. This chance is offered through Global Discovery Travel Award Program in coordination with Student Affairs and Center for International Studies. Each year this program chooses a select number of students to go explore some part of the world for free.

Director, Dr. Deryle Hope tells how the purpose of this program is to show students there is more world out than just good ole Spartanburg County and that this program wants to be able to make students more culturally diverse. This program also focuses on trying to give students a chance to travel abroad that otherwise may not have the opportunity if it wasn’t for this program. Believe it or not, there really isn’t much of a criteria list to be eligible for consideration. Some of the things you have to have to be up for consideration is at least a 2.5 GPA, completed 30 credit hours by the time of travel and you have to write a one page essay telling why you should be chosen to go on this trip. However, if you do go on the trip, the following school year you will be asked to participate in an event called “Two 2 Transform” which is a short two minute presentation involving six photos you took during your trip. You will also have to participate in either a freshmen orientation or a Study Abroad Fair. Please note that there is a $300 deposit you have to put down, but you will receive the full $300 back before leaving to go on this trip.

The trip is scheduled for May 26- May 29; while there, you can expect to explore Old Montréal, escape from the city-life and get to see peaceful views from Mont Royal, discover the charms of an Underground Pedestrian Network, and many other great sites.

Student, Garrett Gibson, when asked tells how he hasn’t heard of the trip before but “… I feel like I should take a look at the free trip to Canada though.”

If you are worried about not being able to communicate, have no fear, Dr. Hope has professor, Dr. Araceli Hernandez –Laroche, going with the students on the trip to help them around and with communicating.

Dr. Hope wanted to let students know that “I don’t want people to think because it’s on April 1 that’s it’s really an April fool’s joke, it’s not…it’s really legitimate.”

So, if you would like to have a chance at this great opportunity, check online at http://www.uscupstate.edu/globaldiscovery and don’t forget the deadline to enter is March 17. Also, if you are planning on trying for this trip and you don’t have a passport, keep in mind it can take anywhere between four to six weeks to obtain your passport.