Spring Break Life Hacks

Josh Jenkins
Staff Writer


Spring break: the mid-second semester hiatus. Upstate students spend their break in various ways. Becca Kunz, a sophomore at Upstate says “I plan on going for the week and spending time with my family” while Hassan El-Haddad, a sophomore as well, says “I plan on going down to Panama City Beach for a few days with my friends”

Whether you plan on spending the week at home or stumbling around a Florida beach with thousands of other 20-somethings, most people plan on a little bit of rest and relaxation (albeit it is debatable how relaxing spring break beach trips really are, especially for the liver).  If you’re going to the beach you don’t want to worry about your money being stolen or the dreaded sunburn, so here a few Spring Break Hacks to make your vacation oh so pleasant.

  1. Say you’re travelling somewhere and you need to conceal your vodka or other light colored liquor. There is a brilliant solution to your problem. Take an empty Listerine bottle and fill it with the clear liquor of choice, then add food coloring. It will look just like Listerine. Just don’t forget and accidently rinse your mouth with liqour…unless you aspire to be Ke$ha.
  2. Sunburn is painful and an absolute nuisance, especially when you would rather be worry about the next beachside club you plan on going to. To combat the inevitable, put some aloe in an ice tray and freeze it. You’ll have the cooling qualities of the ice AND aloe. Ahhh.
  3. Worrying about having your possessions stolen while on the beach is a constant concern, but not anymore. Clean out an old sunscreen bottle or ChapStick tube. Rolled up bills will fit easily in the ChapStick tube and your cellphone or any other items are easily concealed in the sunscreen bottle. You’ll also feel like a college version of James Bond, without the cars, and the women, and the accent, and….
  4. Buy your food BEFORE you get to your destination, and keep them in your hotel refrigerator. You’re going to end up spending loads of money if you eat out for every meal, and if you decide to buy groceries at the beach prices are likely to be more expensive than they are in Spartanburg.
  5. This last tip isn’t really a tip, its more common sense. If you plan on drinking alcohol then you should also drink plenty of water. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it will make you pee, a lot. This is what leads to dehydration, and dehydration mixed with heat is a horrible mix. So make sure you stay hydrated, your body will thank you in a couple of weeks

Following these tips and making good decisions should result in a fun filled week.  We’ve been working hard for a couple of months now and deserve a bit of leisure. Enjoy your breaks Spartans!