A new take on Shakespeare

Esther-Irene Egan
Staff Writer

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Ever seen live theatre performances were the performers have not once rehearsed their lines or scenes and are being supplied with plenty of booze? If the answer is no, then you have missed out on a very entertaining viewing of Shakespeare. The Showroom, affiliated with HUB-BUB, along with Spartanburg Little Theatre, held a production of “Twelfth Night” where audience members were encouraged to bring silly props or costumes for the actors to use during the production.

The Showroom provided a nice venue for the production with a bar in the back where the audience could grab a drink, because being a little buzzed made the performance that more funny. The atmosphere was very friendly and people were intermingling during the intermission.

The play itself held a lot of humor. You never knew what to expect because the actors were unaware of what was going to happen. The performance for them was an improv where lines were messed up or not remembered at all, but the cast made it work. They delivered a new take on a classic play that has been redone too many times to count. One character that made the show was Fete, played by Mason Manna, a graduate of USC Upstate, the clown who wore a Queen of Hearts wig. He was in and out of scenes, always providing songs and drunken merriment for the audience and being the annoyance to cast members, all in good fun. Lee Neibert, theatre Professor at Upstate, played a part in this humorous production as the Lord. Neibert was in his element of acting as he improv’d his way through this non-rehearsed play. Harley Bevill, a theatre student at USC Upstate, described the show as a “hilarious, alcohol fueled riot.” She liked the concept of “Shakespeare being performed without a single rehearsal because it led to some very honest onstage moments.”

The show may be over and done with by now, but if you were unable to attend on March 8, then you are in luck! There will be more productions like these in the future. To find out when these events will be taking place visit hub-bub.com.