Time to work on those New Years Resolutions and get Active.

Different kinds of Intramural sports are looking to engage students on this campus.

Matthew Johnson
Staff Writer

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At one time on this University, those interested in the world of Harry Potter had the chance to enter the world of Hogwarts and play the amazing game of Muggle Quidditch. Muggle Quidditch is a game where you play on broomsticks and your “Seekers” chased a kid in full gold clothing. For those of you that are not into the world of Harry Potter, there is a full list of sports you can participate in to keep you having fun and staying fit. “Having played in many different intramural sports, its always nice to get out there and have some good friendly competition amongst other students at this university” said James Washington, a Junior, who has played in flag football, soccer, and disc golf over the years. Sports ranging from beach volleyball and disc golf will surely keep you active this spring. Ending March 25th are the registrations for 4 on 4 flag football, which plays from April 3 to April 24th. The 4 on 4 Volleyball registrations closed March 18th but will be playing from the 26th to April on the 17th. Ending April 1st are the registrations for Men and Women’s Disc Golf Tourneys. The tournament will be help from April 28 to the 29th. Soccer Registrations also close on April 1 and the season in from April 9th to April 24th. Softball Registrations closed on March the 18th as well but you can catch the intramural season in action from March 24th to the 15th of April. You can register and view your stats through www.imleagues.com and connect to the Upstate intramural league.