Underground Lounge: Comedian Geoff Keith Delights Jazzman Cafe

Joshua Jenkins
Staff Writer

Actor/Comedian Geoff Keith. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Actor/Comedian Geoff Keith. Photo courtesy of Twitter

“So do you wanna hear about the time I got high with a midget?” was one of the many rib-tickling jokes told by Geoff Keith, the comedian invited by CAB for their latest Underground Lounge event. Keith, who has featured on MTV’s disaster date, Coach Carter, and a plethora of other television programs, began performing stand-up comedy in 2003. He now travels the country and performs at various venues and colleges. “I’ve wanted to be a standup comedian since I can remember, it’s all I ever wanted to do.”, said Keith. He seems to have chosen the correct career path.

Keith charmed the small, yet enthusiastic audience with his stage presence and gave everyone a decent ab workout at the same time. While touching on his relationships with women, friendships, family, and just about everything during his set; he also interacted with the audience quite a bit, never hesitating to pause in the middle of a joke to begin a conversation with one of the spectators. His constant dialogue added to the already cozy atmosphere inside the coffee shop. Men and women alike seemed to love his jokes about relationships and the difficulty of approaching women “I thought he was hilarious” ,said Tichina Williams, a sophomore “This was my first stand-up comedy event and it was a great first impression.” Williams echoed the sentiments of most viewers in the audience, and it was a good reprieve for a relatively stressful week for many.

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