Upstate Forecast: 100% Chance of Lightnin

Chrissy Lowe
Staff Writer

Myles "Lightnin" Cannon

Myles “Lightnin” Cannon

Ever wanted to be that small town person that gets a chance at making it big? Well Spartanburg native, Myles Cannon, has gotten his chance. Cannon, or Mac Lightnin as some students may know him, grew up here in Spartanburg. When asked, he said he remembers his music career path starting as early as middle school. His knack for spitting out catchy rhymes & punch lines led him from bedroom microphones to recording in high quality studios in Riverdale & Atlanta, Georgia in just a matter of a few years.

Lightnin has had many influences in his life, but one primary impact is the late Jake Towne, a best friend of his who passed away on March 21, 2012. Towne was like a brother to Lightnin, the two were always together. When asked how this catastrophe had changed his life he said, “Just appreciate every single second, find happiness, but live right doing it.”

One major step that Lightnin’s music career path took was in 2012 when he got signed onto Waka Flocka Flame’s record label, JCE/Bricksquad Monopoly. By Sept. 2012, Lightnin released his hit single, “Making Millions” featuring none other than Bricksquad family Waka Flocka. When asked him how he felt upon releasing the song and he said “like that feeling right after you eat a Reese’s Cup”.

While working on his music career, he is still focusing on an educational goal as well. Lightnin is studying at Clemson University to earn his teaching degree. He has a passion to share knowledge and wisdom and he plans to teach and coach football at the high school level.

Many Upstate students know and listen to Lightnin, one of which being junior, Jordan Lawson.  The duo go way

Lightnin with Atlanta-based rapper, Waka Flocka

Lightnin with Atlanta-based rapper, Waka Flocka

back, growing up as best friends and originally making music as a group. “I knew that if he ever got the shot to show his talent to a bigger record they would pick him up because of the way he presents himself,” Lawson said. “He can make a club banger that will shake your trunk, and then in the same night record something that has much deeper meaning.” Junior James Watson says he also is a major supporter of Lightnin and buys every Lightnin cd. “Myles has overcome every obstacle and naysayer in getting where he is now. There’s really nothing else you can say, he beat the odds.”

For all college shows, parties, feature verses, etc. email management at Join the movement today and follow him on Twitter/Instagram both @MacLightnin. To listen to his music you can YouTube him, search him on Google, and buy one of his hard copy cd’s by contacting his Twitter page. Squad.