Cold Beer, Great Friends, and Great Music     

Chrissy Lowe
Staff Writer


Music on Main or MOM, is a free downtown event held every Thursday, April to July from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm just below Morgan Square at 175 West Main St. The first MOM of the year will kick off on April 3. You can enjoy an alcoholic beverage (beer or wine coolers) or a non-alcoholic beverage while chilling with friends and listening to a band perform.

Junior, Andy, once frequently attended  MOM. She hasn’t gone in a while because there hasn’t been any bands she cared to see, and due to her heavy work schedule. “I would, depending on the band.” Andy said when asked if she would attend the event again, “…It’s usually a fun event. There are drinks, live music, and plenty of space.”
The music types that you may hear at MOM can vary from southern rock to pop music; along with high-energy blues and even some folk/Americana music. Needless to say, MOM covers all forms of musical taste.

The first band that will be playing at MOM is South85, an Americana alternative country band based out of Charlotte.  This is their fourth time playing at MOM. South85 has played at other events like The Moonshiners Festival and The Plum Hollow Festival. Their first gig was in 2006 at The Moonshiners Festival. This will be their eighth time playing at the event. If you would like to know more about either event, you can check Facebook for further details.

One of the things you can expect to see when seeing this band is a lot of crowd interaction. “I try to incorporate the crowd with what we’re doing,” the lead singer of South85, Tracy Wyatt native of Gaffney SC, said, “… I’m blessed with the gift of gab… I come off the stage and dance with them [audience] and sing with them.”

So if you’re sitting around looking for something to do this coming Thursday, April 3, ride downtown and check out this great band! Have fun, soak up some sun and relax.

If you would like to learn more about MOM, visit the event’s page at If you are interested in checking out some of South85’s music, check on our page for a song of theirs, Mama’s 45, You can also find out more about the band by visiting their Facebook page at