Meet your SGA President: Gregory Williams!

An Interview with USC Upstate SGA President Gregory Williams


Patrick Ruddy
Staff Writer


Every student body has some form of governing authority. For USC Upstate, this authority is known as the Student Government Association, or SGA. According to the university website,, the SGA consists of a president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer, and twenty-seven senators over various organizations. Every group is represented by one or more senators, including Greek Life, Education, Business, etc. But as for who oversees SGA, that man is Mr. Greggory Williams. He was initially supposed to run against some other candidates during the election process, but in the end, he ran unopposed, leading to his current term in office.

A short interview was conducted one on one with Mr. Williams, asking him various questions about what he did and how the governing process worked. Mr. Williams is a senior Business Major with an emphasis in Management here at USC Upstate. When asked about his initial interests in student government, Williams responding by saying that, “I have always been involved in student government ever since grade school, constantly since about seventh grade. It is just something about being a voice for students that motivates me.” In regards to governing, Williams responded with this; “I wouldn’t necessarily say that governing our school is our objective as a student organization, it is more so our objective to assist students and communicate things back and forth between faculty, staff and students.”

Finally, a few questions asked about his personal opinions on a few of on campus matters. For one, the multi-thousand dollar budget cut has been a hot topic as of recently. Williams is very much opposed to this, stating that, “I think it is absolutely ridiculous and irrational to try and use the tactic of cutting the budget to specific Universities solely because their curriculum does not match or agree to your own personal beliefs.” This is certainly an opinion that a majority of the students would agree with, so Mr. Williams was obviously the right choice for the job.

On his closing statement, he was asked what his ideal utopia for USC Upstate looked like. Williams said that he would like to see, “every club and organization with plenty of members, a newspaper that comes out every week and is anticipated by many students, that our sports teams had many fans and won games, and that Student Government sponsored events would become highly recognized. Go Spartans!”