Redefining March Madness

The Division One end of the year tournament breakdown

Patrick Ruddy
Staff Writer

images (10)When people fill out their tournament brackets, they tend to believe that they can predict with somewhat accuracy of who they think is more likely to win out of two teams. That is what March Madness is all about, after all. Boy, were they wrong! Madness is the perfect term to describe what has happened this year in the College Basketball tournament.  According to the ESPN Tournament Challenge app, there were no perfect brackets after the first couple rounds of the tournament.  In fact, the only thing anyone might have predicted with total accuracy was that the number one seeds would defeat the number six seeds (number one seeds have won eighty four out of eighty four games against number six seed in the history of the tournament). With six overtime games on the first weekend, it is no wonder that nobody has a perfect bracket.

Students at Upstate are just as frustrated about the upsets as all other participants in the tournament challenge. Jason Napoli, a freshman at upstate with an undeclared major, spoke on the upset of the number three seed Duke Blue Devils against the number fourteen seed Mercer Bears. “Nobody predicted that; this was the biggest upset in my opinion of the tournament so far. I am sure many other people felt the same way.” This was not only the expectation from students on campus as Upstate, but from other schools as well. Cooper George is a former high school basketball player from Woodruff High school that plans to continue playing at the collegiate level for Bob Jones University. “The biggest upset was, of course, Duke versus Mercer,” he said.  “A lot of people had Duke in their Final Four, so when Mercer won, many brackets were screwed up, myself included.” When asked on his prediction for the rest of the tournament, George said this, “I think Michigan State will play Louisville in the Championship with Michigan State claiming the title.” This is certainly not a farfetched prediction, but with the way this tournament has gone, nothing is for certain.

On a slightly different note, at the beginning of the tournament, billionaire Warren Buffet claimed he would give one million dollars to anyone who predicted the outcome of every game in the tournament perfectly, according to Of course, statically speaking, the odds were in his favor since nobody has maintained a perfect bracket this year, and the only person who came close did not even enter his bracket officially. That’s probably why he is a billionaire; making safe bets. So far all those who attempted to win that billion dollars, there is always next year. Until then, keep watching the madness for more ultimately exciting outcomes!