Spotify Professor Spotlight: Dr. Peter Caster

Alexis Jeter
Staff Writer

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Dr. Peter Caster is the Department Chairperson for the English department and a member of the PREFACE Reading Program committee. He specializes in twentieth century U.S. Literature and Film, Imprisonment, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and 1980s and 90s popular film.

He attended the University of California, Oregon State University, and University of Texas at Austin at which he received his doctorates degree in English.

He has also published a number of books including: Fathers, Preachers, Rebels, Men: Black Masculinity in US History and Literature, 1820-1945; Prisons, Race, and Masculinity in Twentieth-Century U.S. Literature and Film.

Castor enjoys indie rock music, which he has listened to for a very long time, stating: “In high school, I listened to a lot of Led Zeppelin. In college, I listened to a lot of R.E.M., so I guess I’ve stuck with college radio/alternative/indie rock for over twenty years.”

However, his musical tastes are influenced by his parents’ tastes as well. He remarked,  “I like subtle, provocative lyrics, complex melodic structures, and songs I can sing along with. My musical tastes overlap some with those of my parents, but music is something I definitely share with friends.”