Studying in the digital age

Joshuah Jenkins
Staff Writer

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It is crunch time. Less than a month until the most formidable week of the semester, exam week; the week we all become professional pullers of all-nighters and experts in cramming; the week when Instagram and Twitter are flooded with filter saturated pictures of coffee and papers strewn everywhere. Well, you can still have your artsy Instagram pictures but they should feature only coffee from now on; enter study apps. This is the digital age, the age of studying sans paper. Megan Wendover, a Psychology and Sociology dual major, said, “I’ve only heard of a few study apps, but I’ve never really given them much thought.” Sophomore Secondary Education major, Amanda Hubbard was in the dark about study apps as well “I haven’t really heard of them, but now that I’m conscious of them I might give it a look.” Assuming many of you are similar to Misses Hubbard and Wendover I have complimed a list of the top 3 study apps below (only 3 because many are very similar).

  1. Evernote — Evernote is hands down one of the best study apps available. It features a text editor, voice recorder, and a photo uploading tool. So everything you hear, write, and see can be saved to Evernote and uploaded to the cloud; once in the cloud it can be accessed via cell phone, tablet, or computer.


  1.  Study Blue — Another great study tool. Study Blue allows you to enter information that is then converted into an online flashcards. You can either study the flashcards or choose to look over the review sheets that study blue gives you as well. After studying you have the ability to take quizzes made by the app that feature true/false, fill in the blank, and multiple choice questions. You’re also able to “create’ classes and share your notecards with your classmates. Like Evernote, you’re able to access your notecards on your tablet, computer, and cell phone.


  1. ExamTime — ExamTime is similar to Study Blue because you’re able to create flashcards and online quizzes. However, with ExamTime you can create Mind Maps and take notes online; in addition, you can set up study groups, message classmates. It also features a study planner and an online calendar.

These are 3 exceptional apps you should look into downloading for exam week or even next semester to make school a little easier, because (if you’re like me) you’re looking for that next piece of technology to take another load off of your shoulders. Happy studying and good luck on your exam