What is SAM?

Raegan Geyer
Staff Writer

Chapman Cultural Center2011The Spartanburg Art Museum, better known as “SAM”, is nestled in the heart of Spartanburg, South Carolina. The art museum is located at The Chapman Cultural Center, 200 East St. John Street. SAM promotes fine arts in the city through regional, national, and international artwork and offers art education through outreach programs.

The Museum has three programs: The Exhibitions Program, Colors Outreach Program, and The Art School. The Exhibitions Program displays an array of artwork from regional, national, and local artists. In honor of the rich history in Spartanburg, the program also includes community based exhibits each year. Along with numerous exhibits, SAM provides an outreach program that serves underserved youth within the greater Spartanburg area. Youth, ages 6-18, can express their creativity and artistic imagination in safe environment during after school hours. The Colors Outreach Program is free of charge and is supported by the City of Spartanburg, South Carolina Arts Commission, and SEW Eurodrive Inc. and the Arts Partnership of Spartanburg. For art lovers in the city, The Art School Program has an extensive variety of classes that accomadates all ages, skill levels, and interests. The classes take place in a small studio setting, allowing instructors to provide plenty of individual instruction.

Starting on April 1, Spartanburg Art Museum will host Columbian-born sculptor Diana Farfan. The artists is known for her surrealistic marionettes, puppets, and toys. Farfan emphasizes the themes of the human condition, human body, and one’s relationship to modernity. The whimsical sculptor will be leading a cermaic toy-making workshop on Saturday April 19.

For more information on the history, programs, and outreach of Spartanburg Art Museum, visit www.spartanburgartmuseum.org.