A Spartan’s Summer Schedule

Patrick Ruddy
Staff Writer

Caption: Lexie Acquaviva (above) enjoying the nice weather and cool breeze. Photo credit to Patrick Ruddy

Caption: Lexie Acquaviva (above) enjoying the nice weather and cool breeze. Photo credit to Patrick Ruddy

Summer is rapidly approaching students everywhere; whether they are in college, high school, or any other educational programs.  For many, summer is the season that provides excellent beach weather, beautiful days at the park, and fun filled trips to Carrowinds. Most students simply just enjoy the break from the hustle and bustle of school life. There are others, however, that use this time to either catch up or get ahead in their credit hour completion. Whatever students elect to spend their time doing, they all have one thought in common, and that is the desire to stay cool.

Briana Boston is a freshman majoring in business that plans to, “go back home, work, save money, get a car, and spend time with friends.” This is not unlike what a lot of other students intend to do. College is financially draining for both students and parents, so to get a summer job and save up some money is definitely not a bad idea.

Some families save a little bit of funds all year-round so they can afford to have a nice week long vacation during the summer months. Lexie Acquaviva, a junior psychology major, plans to, “take a trip with her parents to Disney World for the first time since 2009.” Others will spend most of their time with friends and family either by the lake, beach, or pool. Anything that involves water is a hot spot throughout the hotter dog days.

There are other activities that people can get involved with over the three hot and humid months. Rachel Furman is a freshman, secondary education biology major.  For her summer, she intends to, “volunteer at a Christian youth camp in Alaska for a month, then accompany a youth group on a twenty-one day mission trip to impoverished areas in both California and Oregon.” Both religious and non-religious summer camps are a way for students to just get away from the responsibilities and stress that lurks at both school and home.

USC Upstate students use their summer time in all sorts of variations. Everyone should take this time, regardless of what they do, to spend some time with friends and family, because before you know it, late august rolls around and school starts once again. Farwell to seniors, hello to freshman, and have a fantastic summer on behalf of The Carolinian.