Students Selected for Summer Adventure

Bon Voyage to Two Lucky Winners

Chrissy Lowe
Staff Writer

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Earlier this year, you may have read about a great chance to be able to travel to Canada for free for a few days. This chance was given through the Global Discovery Travel Award Program in coordination with Student Affairs and Center for International Studies.  During this trip, the winners can expect to explore Old Montréal, escape from the city-life and get to see peaceful views from Mont Royal, and many other great sites. The trip is scheduled for May 26 through May 29.

Student Winner: D’Vashe Moore

Student Winner: D’Vashe Moore

One of the three winners, and the only female winner is first semester junior D’Vashe Moore who is attending the Mary Black School of Nursing here on campus. D’Vashe is a student assistant for the writing center here at Upstate. She heard about the trip through Opportunity network when one of her advisors posted a link on the Opportunity Network’s Facebook page. She was surprised when she found out there was absolute no catch to this trip, so she believe she would give it a shoot and see if she could win. D’Vashe told how she was very excited and thankful to found out that she won one of the three spots for the trip. “I immediately called my family and told them the great news” and right away she went to thank her professor Monica Jones for the letter of recommendation Jones wrote for her. While D’Vashe is looking forward to the experience of seeing a different culture, she isn’t looking forward to the fact that she has never taken a French class and she is worried about how communication will go. She does believe trying to communicate will be interesting though.


The other winner is sophomore Kylin Hunter who is majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing. Kylin heard about this chance through his French professor, Madame Laroche.  She told her students how this once-in-a-lifetime trip would benefit them greatly and that they should really consider applying for this trip. Kylin had to make sure he applied for this trip after hearing about it.

Student Winner: Kylin Hunter

Student Winner: Kylin Hunter

He was very excited when he found out that he won, “I knew that there were a lot of people applying for this position as well, so being one of the three people who were chosen for this opportunity brought about an amazing feeling!” He is really looking forward to being able to explore the culture of Canada and learning about the many aspects of Canada. He, however, isn’t looking to the fact that he knows he’ll have to leave and come back at the end of the trip.

Before Kylin and D’Vashe found out they were winners, neither one of them knew each other or the third winner of the trip. They are both looking forward to meeting the other two winners and getting to bound over this trip.

The Carolinian staff would like to congratulate these winners and wish them and the professor a safe trip and safe travels.