Spotify Spotlight: Chancellor Tom Moore

By: Alexis Jeter

Fotor0502205634To end the year with a big bang, the Carolinian Editors voted Chancellor Thomas Moore to be featured in the last issue of the semester.

Born in a small town in the south, Dr. Moore has come a long way in his career in higher education .

He earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Huntingdon College in Alabama and his doctorate from USC in inorganic chemistry.

Dr. Moore began his professional career in Statesboro, Georgia as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Georgia Southern College in 1978. Later, he moved on to Birmingham-Southern College as an assistant professor then as associate professor and director of the Honors Program on the campus. Then he served as vice president at Winthrop University for academic affairs and dean of the faculty before coming to USC Upstate in 2011.

The Chancellor enjoys and appreciates music, though he does not listen to music all the time.

The types of music he likes are: Rock & Roll, Classic Rock, Classical music, especially live classical or orchestra performances, and classic country.

“Living in a small town in the south…being in a conservative town delayed my appreciation for music, but being in colleges and university settings  has helped me appreciate a long range of music,” Moore said.

Dr. Moore’s taste in music changed when music changed. He grew up during the popularity of Rock & Roll and when the Beetles released their first song to the US. He graduated from high school in 1969 the summer of Woodstock. By his freshman year of college, Led Zeppelin came out with their first album. It took him a long time to enjoy bands like Led Zeppelin and Metallica.

He listened to a little bit of his parents’ music but not a lot of it. They were the last of the pre-Rock & Roll generation, but most of their music was Big Band.

When asked what his musical tastes says about him, Chancellor Moore responded, “That I’m old!”

On a more positive note, Moore finds his music as a way to evoke memories, experiences, and feelings. He enjoys the variety in tunes but the music that he enjoys carries him to a different time and place in time.