Let’s Spring into 2016

By: Stephanie M. Dawkins

It is the start of a new year and the start of a new semester here at USC Upstate.

New students, transfer students, and returning students are breaking a sweat climbing up the hill to get to class, occupying the computers throughout campus, and traveling in and out of the bookstore. They all take separate routes, study for different classes, and purchase different books, but they do have one thing in common…they are all here to get an education with hopes of success in their future.

Hopefully in your New Year’s Resolution, you wished for academic success in 2016. Freshmen Sasha-Gaye Brown says, “My New Year Resolution is to stay focused, keep my grades up and continue to get involved on campus. I plan to invest more hours into studying this semester than I did in the previous semester.” Palmetto House RA Derrick Dingle says he wants, “To maintain my GPA, keep it above a 3.0 and improve my study techniques. This semester, I plan to work on my time management skills and make sure that I am putting my best foot forward in everything that I do”.

The Carolinian staff understand what you’re facing and wanted to help. So here are a few tips to make your Spring 2016 semester fun and worthwhile:

  1. Recommit: remind yourself of the goals you made during the first week of classes, are you achieving them?
  2. Stay Organized: pay attention to assignment due dates and keep a record of all your completed work.
  3. Get Your Priorities Straight: Make school your #1, this is your full time job.
  4. Keep a schedule: Include school task, nap times, eating breaks, and personal time needed.
  5. Meet with Professors: if you don’t understand something, SPEAK UP!
  6. Form a Study Group: if you need help, meet with classmates who understand the information.
  7. Know Your Learning Style: Visual, Audio, or Hands-On, which one works best for you.
  8. Find a place to study: somewhere where you won’t easily get distracted.
  9. Have Breaks and Rewards: treat yourself for doing well on an exam or take a break instead of studying for long hours at a time.
  10. Get Involved: there are many things that may interest you on campus, don’t sit in your room all day, get out and find your niche.

Hopefully this 10 step guide will help you get through the semester with success on your mind.