Snowmageddon 2016

By:  Nicole Howard 


On Friday, Jan. 22, 2016, the Upstate area experienced the first snow of the year. Class was cancelled on Jan. 21 and all University offices were scheduled to be closed in preparation for the bad weather to come.  Friday morning, flakes drifted and glided down as students happily celebrated their day off from class.  The flakes were small and few but the real weather soon followed.  By morning, the ground was covered in a few inches of the icy flakes.  The small flurries that all weather stations called for had turned into full-blown snow storms.  Due to the low temperatures, the snow that had fallen froze overnight, creating a solid layer of slippery ice over the fluffy snow. The roads were not in the best conditions for driving, and it was difficult to make snowmen or have snowball fights, but people found a way to manage without too many difficulties.  When the end of the weekend finally rolled around and the melancholy of seeing grass and asphalt once again was felt all around, the snow was ever persistent and attempted to stick around a little longer, taking its time to fully leave.  Students were excited to hear about the two-hour delay on Mon. Jan. 25.  It wasn’t exactly the full-on day of rest and play, but some sleeping in for all was ensured.  Just as all hope was lost and it seemed the snow was gone forever, another flurry alert was issued for Feb. 2.  Students were excited about the possibility of missing another class.  When asked about the winter weather, Upstate student Noura Abualeinan says, “I’m so tired of winter.”  Another student, Kristina McDonald, however, found the snow refreshing, a reminder of her hometown in Minnesota.  “This is nothing compared to what I’m used to,” she stated when asked about the winter weather so uncommon for our state in the South.  As the well-awaited day arrived, students were saddened to see a slightly cloudy sky, with no snow in sight.  They were pleasantly surprised by the snowfall that decided to finally descend around ten in the morning that day and continued well into the afternoon.  The flakes were large fell fast and frequently.  The inches accumulated quickly and melted the same day, almost as quickly.  Although school was never officially cancelled, many students were happy to see the return of the fluffy white substance and were granted with another two hour delay on Feb. 16 due to fear of more inclement weather.  There may have not been much snow this winter or a white Christmas, but students definitely enjoyed what we did receive.