Blues Legend Performs at Upstate Gallery on Main

By: Patrice Mole, Contributing Writer

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Arnold and Plate Full o’ Blues

Live concerts are not a thing of the past and are not always what you’d expect. The concerts around Spartanburg can be full of surprises. There was one concert in particular that was way out of sight. The concert I am talking about is Mr. Mac Arnold and his band Plate Full o’ Blues.

Arnold and his band performed at the Upstate Gallery on Main earlier this month to help raise money for the Dr. Mac Arnold  Scholarship Fund, which is awarded to USC Upstate students studying the arts.

With a career dating back to the 1960s, Arnold has decades of blues musicianship skills under under his belt, and his bandmates are just as amazing. One of his band members, Max Hightower, played the harmonica,  was on guitar and provided vocals. Another member of the band, Austin Brashier, played the guitar and also sang.

The first piece to be played was “My Darling.” The beginning of the piece was loud, inviting, and amazing. The song had a really nice groove to it, but by looking at the way they were playing, you could easily tell they have great music skills. Overall, the piece was enthusiastic, invigorating, and delightful with a great ending.

The last piece they have played was “Back to the Country (Leave My Happy Home).” The beginning of the song was jazzy, passionate, and soulful. The rhythm started to have a head bobbing sensation and the solos of Arnold and Brasher were astonishing. The piece itself was thrilling, enticing, and overwhelming with dynamics from very loud to mezzo forte.

The event as a whole was outstanding, entertaining, and full of surprises!