Almost to the finish line

By: Tayler Helms

Senior year of college is by far the most stressful year that we go through as college students. We finally made it, not only to our last year but also to our last semester. The countdown to graduation is on.

Happy? Excited? Relaxed? Optimistic? Not even close. A better way to describe our emotions would be more like scared, panicked, nervous, anxious, nauseous and worried.

First, there is Senior Seminar. And you can tell by the tears that run down people’s faces in the hallway that nothing about that class is easy. Along with Senior Seminar stress there is the stress of other classes and finding motivation. Motivation that was long gone after your junior year. So you drink some coffee, force yourself to go to class, and push through.

“My last semester is stressful, and coffee is totally my new best friend,” said senior Amber Morgan.

Nothing makes a senior feel worse than running into countless adults who want to know your plans after graduation. Get a job? Travel? Graduate school? When someone asks about plans after graduation, a panic sets in as you are reminded that you have to grow up as soon as graduation hits. After all, those student loan payments are looming in the near future. If we knew the answer to what we were doing after graduation, we may be a little calmer during this last year.

However, there are many options on campus to help with the stress of being a senior and preparing for life after graduation. Career Services is a great place to go to prepare for starting your career. Career services is located on the second floor of the library building and the are open Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30. They offer career exploration, resume help, mock interviews, assistance finding jobs, and so much more.

Jessie Sahms, Career Services coordinator, says that students should start prepping for graduation as soon as they can.

“A big thing for students to remember is that the job after graduation is not the forever job,” said Sahms.

Being a senior is stressful, but Career Services is a great service on campus to help students prepare for life after graduation. Career services will be holding a career fair on April 13 in the Sansbury CLC Ballroom, and all seniors are encouraged to attend.