The good and ugly parts of Theatre for Youth camp

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Staff Report
The Carolinian

Campers were a sight for sore eyes at the Theatre For Youth camp at the University of South Carolina Upstate on Wednesday.

The contrast between infected looking faces and hands and those with abstract designs were telling.

“Step back once in a while and take a look,” Rich Robinson told those applying makeup. “But don’t look too close you might break the mirrors.”

Robinson was midweek with the camp.  Half of the participants were learning stage makeup and another group was working on the technical aspects of theater – with the sounds of sawing, hand drills and hammering nearby.

Cody Kelien, a USC Upstate grad, traveled from Albuquerque, N.M., to work Robinson’s camp. Kian Orehowski and Ishaq Rahim, part of Kelien’s group, were securing casters on the bottom of table legs.

Chance Reagan, a rising senior at Boiling Springs High School, is attending his fourth summer camp. “I like working with the Upstate theater better than high school,” Reagan said.

Cameron Tapp showed infectious looking hands with buttonholes placed on his skin, topped with glue and dabbed with black makeup.

Alex Morrison said Halloween is his favorite holiday because he can be creative with his costume and makeup.

Some makeup designs included Lena making her face look like a brick, Bella incorporating a comic book appearance, and Dare practicing freestyle abstract.

The campers working with makeup had photos on their phones or iPads to use as a guide.