A tiny addition to the USC Upstate family

By Lucy McElroy


David Wallace and wife, Brianna enjoy a day at the park with their little one.
Photo courtesy of David Wallace

The University of South Carolina Upstate gained a six-pound, two-ounce family member at 9:19 a.m. on May 22.

Assistant Professor of Communications, David Wallace and wife, Brianna welcomed Easton Alexander Wallace to the world shortly after spring classes ended. Easton was 19 inches at birth.

“This is our first child, so it’s definitely all a new and exciting experience,” Wallace said. “We’re just really grateful that he’s finally here and healthy, and are looking forward to the next steps.”

The Wallace family discussed names for months, but finally arrived at the first name “Easton.” The newborn’s middle name, “Alexander,” is a family name.

“Easton was an early favorite, but we didn’t really commit until about a month before he was born,” Wallace said. “In addition to just liking the name, there’s some biblical significance to the East in terms of facing toward God. The sun also rises in the East.”

Wallace noted that his and his wife’s lives have changed positively with the arrival of their firstborn child. “From the very beginning, people tell you having a baby changes everything. I had a hard time understanding exactly what that meant, and I honestly just gave up trying before he was born,” he said.

“Now that he’s here, it makes a lot more sense. It’s not that every little thing is entirely different, but more that my perspective has changed. There’s a new focal point in our lives.”