Erika’s Recap: Week 3 of Dancing with the Stars, ‘Guilty Pleasure Night’



By Erika Hollis
The Carolinian

I hope that the professionals and celebrities had fun this week, because who doesn’t love bringing their favorite items to work with them? My “guilty pleasure” is the musical, “Grease”, and it has been since I was 10-years-old.

Tom Begeron, host of “Dancing With The Stars”, addressed the tragic shooting in Las Vegas in the episode’s opening and said that they were doing the show for the victims. All the male professionals and Cheryl and Sharna opened the show.

Here were the cast’s guilty pleasures, presented in the opening:
T.O.: Break dancing
Derek: “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”
Gleb and Sasha: Baking
Emma and Drew: Crime/mystery
Witney and Frankie: Boy bands
Mark and Lindsey: Wearing pajamas all day
Maks and Vanessa: Shopping/hanging out with friends
Peta and Nick: Romance/comedy movies
Artem and Nikki: “Fifty Shades of Grey”
Lindsey and Jordan: Comic books
Val and Victoria: Song called “Tubthumping”

Then, Victoria jumped into the male professionals’ arms and all the female professionals and celebrities come together and do simple moves. Maks is dealing with a personal issue, so Alan is dancing with Vanessa and no one went home this week.


Emma and Drew: The couple’s theme was police and forensic shows (Joe Kenda). Drew played a detective and Emma played a witness to a crime. I found Drew’s questioning of Emma so funny. Drew got a radio call to report to the ballroom for a crime after questioning Emma. I really liked the song, it went well with their theme. Drew danced and led so well. Also, Drew used to be a Las Vegas resident.

Sharna and Derek: The pair danced to the theme song from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” but Sharna put more of Derek into the song. The song was kind of slow to me, it should have been faster. Derek’s favorite in the dance was the booty shake.

Val and Victoria: Val does not like the song at all. Aww. He loves old school hip-hop songs. OK, I officially think their song is weird because it goes on different tempos, which I did not like. Victoria did well with the dance and kept going.

Alan and Vanessa: Their dance plot is shopping and going out to the bar with the girls. Alan played three different characters in the dance – a limo driver, a bartender, and a guy at the club. It was so cute. Vanessa was able to match the troupe women step for step.  Vanessa said, “As far as mounting with Alan, I wanted to be gentle, so my bad. My husband’s on the show, that would be weird.” Alan got embarrassed.

Artem and Nikki: I love how Nikki kept annoying Artem until he finally admitted he’d watched “Fifty Shades of Grey” (he was probably acting). The couple started the dance in an elevator and then moved to the penthouse. Nikki’s fiancé stands with her during judges’ comments and scores. Tom is encouraging naughtiness.

Witney and Frankie: All Frankie wanted to do when he was growing up was to be in a boy band. Think: Joey Fatone. Frankie did well, but why were they dressed liked Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in the late ‘90s? Do they want to earn a lawsuit? Anyway, they embarrassed Frankie with a video of him performing a Backstreet Boys song when he was 14 or 15 on a special called “MTV Snow Day.”

Mark and Lindsey: Lindsey had just broken off her year and a half relationship. The couple’s outfits are so cute, and Mark bought her a onesie as a present. They were in great timing to the song and it was fast.

Gleb and Sasha: Sasha taught Gleb how to bake. The dance and costumes were really well done and the pie in the face at the end was great.

Peta and Nick: I’m sorry but what was that? I kept imagining Olivia Newton John’s song “Let’s Get Physical”. The song was old and weird and I have never seen the movie “Love Actually”, where the song came from. It was about exercising in a singles’ gym… was that a thing in the ‘80s?

Cheryl and T.O.: T.O. came to practice dressed as a breakdancer from the ‘90s, wearing a tracksuit and a denim hat. Cheryl refuses to do a routine with just breakdancing. The song was OK. Loved how Keo and Brandon were dancing with T.O.

Lindsay and Jordan: Jordan was a gifted student in the arts at a young age and he used comic books to escape from the bullying at school, until he went to a school for the arts. Loved everything about the dance that they did.