Erika’s recap: Week four of Dancing with the Stars, ‘Most Memorable Year’ night


Derek and Sharna were eliminated this week.

By Erika Hollis
The Carolinian

This night always spurs the most emotional week during the competition because the celebrities are telling their personal stories – the side you do not see that often of them. Professionals helped celebrities illustrate their years of choice through this week’s dances.



Witney and Frankie:  Frankie’s year is 2017, because he has memory loss and can’t remember his acting career. He experienced mini stokes and multiple concussions from racecar driving. His girlfriend or someone else writes down his day in a journal so that he can read it back and enjoy it. Frankie did really great with the dance moves despite his swollen ankle.

Cheryl and T.O.: T.O.’s year is 2012, when his grandmother passed away. He is dancing for his grandmother, who he said was like his mother, father, and grandparent. She got diagnosis in 1996 with dementia, his rookie year in the NFL. Every time he talked on the phone to her, she was getting worse. Cheryl told him to dance like his grandmother was watching. He did well, and at the end he started crying because he misses his grandmother.

Artem and Nikki: Nikki’s year is 2016, when she made her return to the wrestling ring following a neck injury. She would not accept that she was never going to wrestle again. I love how Artem incorporated aerial work into the routine, and Nikki did it really well (so glad she did not mess up on that). Love how he is lifting her up as if to say, she is still here and she is not leaving.

Peta and Nick: Nick’s year is 2011 when he married Vanessa. His brother said that when they met, Nick would not stop talking about her. Nick also said that she is his soulmate. Nick has always wanted a family since he met Vanessa.

Mark and Lindsey: Lindsey’s year is 2016 when her dad passed away. She is dancing in memory of her dad. Her dad was not getting better and every time she would come home from tour, he was getting worse. Mark is dressed like her dad. I loved how Mark made Lindsey’s story about dancing with her dad in a dream or in the clouds a reality, and that she used a scarf and a hat that her dad wore.

Sharna and Derek: Derek’s year is 2007, when his daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer at 10 months old. He left three years into his NBA contract and $20 million to care for his daughter and get her experimental eye treatment surgery. It worked, and Sharna wanted to dedicate the couple’s dance to his daughter. This is ultimately about unconditional love for his family. I loved the song and the dance. At the end, Derek took a sunflower over to his daughter, Tatum and she was crying… so adorable.

Lindsay and Jordan: Jordan’s year was 2005, he had been living with his grandparents since he was born. His mom had him at 16 and had a substance abuse problem. Being adopted, for him, saved his life.

Gleb and Sasha: Sasha’s year is 2016, when she ended seven years on “Pretty Little Liars” and she started losing weight and lost out on jobs after struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome. Getting engaged ended 2016 and gave Sasha hope to start a new chapter in her life, excited about finding happiness in things again. I loved Gleb’s concept for the dance. Sasha starts out with walking through a black door and then transitions to a white door. She goes through the white door and then walks back and closes it to symbolize going forward and not going back to the past.

Maks and Vanessa: 2017 is Vanessa’s year, when her family was made complete. Vanessa’s third son was born 29 weeks premature. She was scared and did not care about her health, only the health of her baby. She dancing to a song by her husband. I loved that Maks got emotional and cried before the dance… he has never cried like that before he has danced. I think being a father changed that for him.

Emma and Drew: Drew’s year is 2007, when he left his twin brother and their real estate business and moved to Vancouver to become an actor. Real-estate is his plan B with TV. Drew’s brother, Jonathan joined in on their dance, which was great. I think they should cast Jonathan for the next season of DWTS.

Val and Victoria: When Victoria was young, she had two rare neurological conditions and a doctor told her parents that she wouldn’t live very long. Knowing that made her more determined than ever to get better and healthy. My only complaint is that the song the pair chose is reused regularly on the show. I loved that she used her wheelchair in the dance at first, then could not walk, and finally, was dancing.

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