Erika’s recap: Week five of Dancing with the Stars, ‘Disney Night’



By Erika Hollis
The Carolinian

DWTS never does Disney Night in the fall, so this was amazing. Usually, they do Halloween in the fall, and then Disney in the spring.

I kind of wanted Jordan to do a song from “Teen Beach Movie”, but I’m glad that he used his “You’re Welcome” cover featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda. It is a popular song from “Moana”.

So, let me say this– my favorite Disney princess is Belle, but no one picked her this time. I’m kind of happy about it because they can only do so many songs from “Beauty and the Beast” before it gets old (as time).

I wish they would do a Disney Night with only songs from Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOMs) so that it would change things up for once.

The show started with Disney’s “It’s A Small World” song, which is also, conveniently, my favorite ride at Disney World. It started as a Waltz with Artem and Jenna. Then, other couples joined them and then sped up into a Charleston song, which I found really cool. After their introductions, celebrities joined their professional partners on stage.

The theme for the night was “Disney Through the Ages”.



Val and Victoria: 1920s; They used the first cartoon of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Victoria had so much fun dancing to this song. I loved the dance and how Val incorporated different styles into it. I could never dance to a song like that without words, or at least a constant beat. The troupe was used great in this song. Val is so sweet to his partner.

Maks and Vanessa: 1930s; They chose the first animated film created by Disney, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. I loved how they took Maks and made him into the Seven Dwarfs. It was a dream sequence for Snow White. Vanessa said that if you see her on the street, you can waltz with her. I still do not get why they chose a French version of the song, when it is actually a German fairytale.

Mark and Lindsey: 1940s; Lindsey wanted to be a Disney princess and wanted to dress like Belle or the fairy Tinker Bell when visiting Disneyland, but was devastated when she was told she was more of a “Winnie the Pooh”. I loved how her song went slow, then fast, and then slow again. When it was a faster pace, it had a more 1940s feeling.

Peta and Nick: 1960s; The duo took their children to Disney’s wildlife preserve to explore animal characteristics for their dance. The dance was OK, but not anything great to me. That song has been overused on every, or every other Disney Night episode. She was a bear and he was playing Mouglei.

Emma and Drew: 1970s; Emma and Drew turned into Muppets for their dream sequence during rehearsal footage. I loved the song, but still it’s overused in my opinion. Bottom of Emma’s dress was so beautiful. Drew was in charged of the dance like Emma wanted him to be.

Gelb and Sasha: 1980s; This song has been used too many times during Disney nights. Sasha’s boot camp with Gleb has turned into nautical boot camp. Then, when Gleb is a merman and Sasha calls him a “mermaid,” he corrects her. It’s so funny, considering Gleb did underwear modeling for his own line. That was a really great Rumba, and especially for their song choice. The movements went really well with the song.

Cheryl and T.O.: 1990s; T.O. said that Cheryl would be a great lion in the jungle, and that she has been a lion toward him. She shot him down, calling him a “prince” and not a “king.” I loved how Cheryl used Keo by sitting on the thrown as a king. Keo is actually a prince from a part of South Africa.

Witney and Frankie: Frankie had never played the sexy male role lead, always the nerdy kid. He thought the costume might help him get into character. I loved how when he was narrating the pirate scene on the ship, he called Witney a “winch” and she said, “Excuse me?” The dance was amazing.   

Lindsay and Jordan: I can’t handle how cute they were. Jordan was going around, quizzing everyone and Lindsay said she does not know geography. I did not know that he has held a Disney contract for years. I loved that Jordan got to use the recorded version that he and Lin-Manuel Miranda did together, and that he kept Lin’s rapping part in there as well. Jordan was amazing, and I loved the stepping that Lindsay added stepping in the middle of it. I think Lin-Manuel Miranda should do DWTS Fall 2018 to promote the “Mary Poppins Returns” (2018) movie.

Artem and Nikki: I’m glad that Nikki got to use this song from the upcoming Pixar movie, “Coco”, because it is a Mexican musical and she is Mexican. Then, she makes a joke: “I’m a Mexican not a Mexican’t.” I found that funny, and she said that Artem loved the skirt more than her. She even suggested that he should be the señorita, and that she should be the Mariachi band member. Nikki even said that her dad used to be a band manager. That dance was amazing and true to Mexican Folk dancing. I really want to go see this “Coco” now.

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