Erika’s Recap: Week six of Dancing with the Stars, ‘A Night at the Movies’



By Erika Hollis
The Carolinian

Week six featured Shania Twain as a guest judge and performer, singing “Soldier” from “Thank You for Your Service”. The opening number was amazing and I loved that it featured old movie scenes.

I’m glad that they brought in more dancers for this night.



Artem and Nikki: Their genre was foreign films.  Artem told Nikki that she cannot close off from him when she gets frustrated with dancing, and that she needs to be open with him, not sulk. She called him her “wrestling therapist.” The dance was great. I loved it, and I loved the singing in French too, but I was hoping for a different country of the foreign film. Paris/France are so typical.

Emma and Drew: The duo had action movies this week. Drew is a ten-time champion of karate and has competed all over North America – lots of discipline in dance. I loved it and I liked how Emma incorporated Sasha’s back flip as well as Alan, and the way he got back up. I actually agree with the three main judges opinions about their dance.

Peta and Nick: They danced to Western films, but they have on Steampunk outfits. That genre is more science fiction with a historical theme. Nick said that he is the worst dancer on the show and that he should go home and that he felt and looked like an idiot.

Val and Victoria: After commercials, Alan was riding the Zamboni shirtless and beeping the horn and Shania Twain liked it. Victoria was so happy to have sports films, and she is a fan of the “Mighty Ducks” movie. Val wants her to be more competitive and strong in her dance this week. So, they did a swimming race, with Val in a speedo. She won by a mile. I love how they turned the dance floor into a hockey rink. Then, they both had two dancers each on their teams. Glad Val did not rely on the backup dancers for this dance.

Cheryl and T.O.: T.O. had spy movies as his genre, paying tribute to “James Bond 007”. He was being a master of disguise and sneaking into the other rehearsals. He said he is the “black James Bond”. He also wants the “10 from Len”. I loved the song, and how they went from the bar to the office, and back to the bar. Len said that is was T.O.’s best dance.

Witney and Frankie: Animation was their genre. Frankie has done voiceover work for animation before. Witney had a small camera and made him do different expressions on his face. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t take this dance seriously. It’s from my parent’s era of high school (1970s). I loved the color of the outfits and all the color in general. Frankie had a lot of mistakes and that put his timing off as well. OMG, to get Frankie out of his head, Witney said “she might have to give him one of the mushrooms.”

Maks and Vanessa: This is my favorite genre of all time: movie-musicals. “Grease” is my all-time favorite musical. This is Vanessa’s most fun dance to date. It is full of energy. Her skirt fell off when she first came down the steps and onto the floor to start her quickstep in hold, but she kept going and did not let that stop her.

Lindsay and Jordan: They had drama as their genre. Jordan did gymnastics when he was younger, and it is taking a toll on his body at 23 years old. I can understand why. He will not do something unless he can give it 110% all the time. He shuts off when he cannot do something perfectly. Lindsay told him “no one is perfect,” which is true. The song was about the death of someone and the other living on. It was great to watch, and Lindsay’s dress really matched the song. Len is being nitpicky about certain movements and took off a whole point for it.

Mark and Lindsey: They had sci-fic (science-fiction) as their movie genre. Lindsey said, “Mark playing a mad scientist is not a stretch for him.” It was great, and of course creepy at the same time. Her movements were timed so great to the music. Glad that Mark is back this season.

ELIMINATED: Nick and Peta